This is just a fucking opinion & I have a right to voice it! 

I have seen this story for two days now and it is pissing me off; all these people can’t handle a guy sitting on his ass for a cause that he believes in. How is that different from you defending your children from the same horror. It is his second admendment right to sit or stand. I am not a political person nor do I care about political things but when a man can’t sit for a cause I must step in.

This is the problem: At Sundays (August 28th, 2016) preseason game, a 79er by the name of Colin Keapernick (quarterback) did not stand for the American flag. The first thing I heard was it is about the men and women that faught for our country. Excuse me, no it is not. The flag is not just the troops, it is the country, the people, the land and the animals. The flag represent who we are and were. That flag represents every single fucking American. So don’t you dare say that he is defiling the troops because he is not.

Secondly, he said he sits for racial equality. Does that not fall under the flag for which we stand. He has that right to protest. It is hard to not feel for the troops and idiots here but he is right to do so. He isn’t doing anything wrong and there is no law against sitting against the flag. Now if he burnt it! Reasons.

I think people need to grow up get a life and sprout there own damn wings. I believe in my country but when we have people like Bush and Trump, we as a country has failed. We are killing each other and we are killing or friends and our families all because we can’t get along. I always joke that Trump being president would make me a Canadian but in reality it just makes me more of an American. The point is Keapernick is human and has rights. Its not about the troops or the flag, its equality. Period.

It’s about a country that doesn’t want to deal with it’s issues head on but can critize someone that does!