Van Hansis, duh!!!

The Eastenders is the best series I have ever discovered by accident. I was a huge fan of Van Hansis in As the World Turns but this was different because it had my life written all over it. You have know idea how true most of the first season was. First off let me say the acting is fantastic in this campy internet show. The relationships were so intriguing that I watched the entire first season in a day, well, the episodes were short.

Let’s start with the the fact that relationships are not gold but are fixable. That seemed to be the theme right of the bat in the first episode. Thom, Cal and Jeremy are in a lovers triangle and Ian and Kathy can’t seem to keep the relationship a float. The show is based around this characters. I cried when she decided her desision but it was the best. As a gay male I am pro-kid. It is about what is best not what is conveneant. They jump back and forth a lot but it is genuine in it’s purpose.

The whole first series had me interested and looking forward to series two. The whole reason that I watched was for Van Hansis but of course, Ian and Jeremy stole the show. All in all I love the first series but there’s nothing much to say about the story that ended just as fast as it came. The cast is perfection, the cinematography is magnificent and I will be binge watching plenty more times.

So with that it gets four /5 because it is a guilty pleasure and has Van Hansis. But in seriousines it is the best web show I have got to see in a while.

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