Happy Birthday Queen B! ♥

Beyoncé is an icon and she has lived up to it time and time again. It’s hard to not love her. My mom has a passive view on music in general but when it comes to Beyonce she seems to always state role model as one of Beyoncé’s many qualities. Period. Every artist tries to put a staple on the music industry and their legacy. Beyonce has made hers and forever expands it.

beyonce-knowles-20050916-71599Why do I love this overrated washed out celebrity I am proud to call my Queen? She is relevant to me. It isn’t hard to feel for her on each album. Beyoncé has grown with me and has been through my exact problems.

I have been a fan of Beyoncé since MTV aired the premiere of ‘Say My Name’. I just fell in love with the adolescent adult with blonde hair. I knew there was something in her that just commanded my attention.

It’s difficult to like an artist album after album, plus performances, but Beyoncé is different. Dangerously In Love was the first album my mom bought me. It was Beyoncé; what little boy didn’t want to be Jay-Z? That album was on repeat by default in 2003. Being a twelve-year-old boy, that was the turning point in my life. Then B-Day dropped and I was giving a chance to transcend into her world. Then I reached high school and it became a thing that DIL was the story of my love for my high school sweet heart. Going as far as to be the staple for our love.

Two years later we got I Am…Sasha Fierce. It defined the Beyoncé we all know and love more. It became for me the staple for all future performances as well. 4 and Beyoncé set my beyonce-knowles-20071003-319629relationship with the sweet heart even more loving because I was feeling the same way see was, having the same revelations she was. At the same time Drake was pushing that male perspective on me elevating Beyoncé even more. 4 defended the relationship where Beyonce (the album) sealed in the relationship and the engagement.
Finally Lemonade; feeling I didn’t know I could have for a person came up in intense form but looking back on the relationship through the legends discography made me realize that I had to go through Lemonade to appreciate Dangerously in Love again.

I was Crazy in Love but you were a Beautiful Liar making me believe I seeing Deja Vu even though I was Dangerously in Love with you!

Your irreplaceable but Listen we can Party, Baby Boy, only If you Were A Boy again like in high school.

The Signs left me Speechless so I gave you the Green Light and you Put A Ring On It.

As the Radio plays on our next chapter your Halo Disappears leaving till the End of Time. There I can be Drunk In Love once more.


Lemonade is the newest masterpiece from this hard-working mom from Houston, Texas and it is better than the last. My favorite thing is Beyoncé will be my death.

There are other legends and icons I adore like Janet or Alicia Keys but NO ONE will be as influential as Beyoncé. My opinion, deal with it. But Beyonce is the winner for my children and my inner peace and just all around success goals. Drake is the male version.

beyonce_mtv_vmaSo to wrap this long-winded story up I just want to state that she is an icon, legend. No one can or will take that honor from her because she earned it. From 2003 to 2016 she has proven herself time and time again and evolved to a level that will never be reached by anybody. Her time in Destiny’s Child just elevate her potential to today. Changing the music game forever with Visual Albums and Unstoppable tours. She is my Queen and I respect her more than any other artist in the game today.