This is one of my favorite movies, it’s Romeo and Juliet with a twist. Alan Brown is a genius. 

This is a gay film so bare with me. I am a huge fan of independent films and this one really grabbed me by it’s title alone. First it is a gay film so I was interested but then it was a Romeo and Juliet, one of my favorite plays by Shakespeare. It brings the two together beautifully.


This movie is emotional, like the okay but still maintains its roots of marine boot camp. The private’s recite and act out the Shakespearean play as if they were Romeo and Juliet. But it has a layout that, at least for me, works and proved it scene after scene. My favorite scene is the balcony scene in the play so I was only appropriate that my favorite scene in the movie is the balcony (lunch room) scene, forbidden love amplified. They acted it out perfectly, in my opinion.


The look on Matt Doyle’s face as Seth Numrich recited the

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east and Juliet is the sun!

Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,

Who is already sick and pale with grief…

Matt almost fainted. The entire story was produced well and the casting was fantastic. It is important that I see this movie because I am a huge fan of Matt Doyle and seeing him recite Juliet, no be Juliet, it was memorizing. Now I am not saying it was fantastic but it was well delivered and will put together.

I love this movie it is in my top ten LGBT movies for sure but there was something that always bothered me about the ending that really itched my brain. They both died in the play but in this film it seem to have a strong impact on the cadet’s afterwards which defined the story for me.


This is a 5/5 because it tells two stories in one, gay cadet’s take on Romeo and Juliet in a new and exciting way.