This film is a foreign film that I absolutely love. First off let me say that when i saw it, I was confused but nonetheless it was beautiful and inviting. Here’s another gay film that defies it category. Not much gay in the film which is great but the settle hints are there and there are a few gay moments in there but for the most part it is a closet story that gets a prequel.

Set in Lebanon two solders in love hind there love till the better end. Yossi, a commander leads a life of secrets while Jagger hinds his love for him. This movie is great for those that love foreign gay films and all the things that it offers. You get the romance and the drama mixed with the sudden tear when the death comes to soon for that sweet innocent character.

The acting is wonderful, the scenes are cut beautifully and the Prequel is to honor the original Yossi just as much. Without knowing the words this film will bring a tear to your eye. I recommend it and the Prequel so you can see for yourself why it is in my top ten Gay Foreign Films list.

There’s not much to say because it’s in another language but even then it is beautiful still.